Ring Around The ATM

Goddess Tammy was nice enough to take me on a trip around her favorite city in Canada.  I had my new Mustang, so I was looking pretty cool.  Well Goddess Tammy was looking even hotter.  Short shorts and a summer top and some sandals.  Isn’t that what you would want every attractive woman to be wearing all summer long…  So off we went tooling around.  I needed to stop at the ATM to pick up some money to be sure I had enough toentertain the Goddess.  So I rolled into the bank and pulled up to the ATM.  I got out my card and got my cash.  As I was placing the card back into my wallet, I hadn’t noticed that Tammy had slipped off her sandals and started putting her gorgeous feet on my lap.  She knew very well that I absolutely love her feet.  So there I was mesmerized just staring at her feet.  Seeing me frozen in a gaze at her feet brought a smile to her face.  She knew she had the upper hand…  or feet as it were.  She began to move her pretty feet back and forth on my lap knowing that she was driving me absolutely crazy.


There was a car behind us so I had to pull up and out of their way and I soon stopped and could only look down frozen in a stare drooling over her feet.  Seeing she had total control, with a big smile she reached over and took my cash as I was obviously was powerless to stop her.  She counted the cash and smiled and put it in her wallet.  I thought I was going to the ATM.  I soon realized that I was the ATM.  She had so much fun that she decided that we should do it again.  While continually working her gorgeous feet in my lap, I drove around to the ATM again and we repeated another withdrawal until I had reached my withdrawal limit.
That was one of most exciting and sexy drives around her town that I ever had.  No wonder I love her so.